Issue No 20 - June 2007 Editorial and Update Jacob Hemet, Dentist to Royalty and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Malvin E. Ring As the storm clouds gathered: recollections of Glasgow Dental Hospital and School 1935-1939 George Fleming Display Cabinet in Memory of Dr Henry Noble FDS RCPSG Carol Parry Refreshment and Catering in the Glasgow Dental Hospital and School Bill Smith Denture Recycling Parisian-Style Len Schwarz Web News Carol Parry Correspondence Word of Mouth - Manners maketh the dentist Edna Robertson List of supporting members Issue No 19 - November 2006 Editorial Update Saving Prince Hal: maxillo-facial surgery, 1403 Jo Cummins The Caldwell Memorial Lectures Bill Smith A life of two halves Alasdair Gillies Dental Verses 2 - BDA Branch minutes Bob McKecknie Web News Carol Parry Correspondence Word of Mouth - "Staring at the light" by Francis Fyfield David McGowan List of supporting members Issue No 18 - May 2006 Editorial and Update Oswald Fergus, a pioneer of simulated dental clinical practice Sir David Mason Dental Roots Michael Gow Response to 'Among the deep-sea fishers' Bill Hutton New medical exhibition at the Hunterian Dental verses 1 Bob McKechnie The Tomes of Long Marston Audrey Noble Web News Carol Parry Correspondence Word of Mouth - "Barchester Towers" Khursheed Moos List of supporting members Issue No 17 - November 2005 Editorial and Update The Seigneur De Joinville's Cure Josephine Cummins Lilian Lindsay Lecture Abstract  The Liquefaction of Nitrous Oxide Gas  Rufus Ross Orthodontics v Orthodontia  Stuart Taylor Mr Boultbee and the King's Toothache  Reminiscences - R. McKechnie  In Conversation with David McGowan and Bill Smith Letters from Patients to Glasgow Dental Hospital, circa 1933  Web News Carol Parry BDA Conference 1955 Word of Mouth - A Dental Tale from a century and a half ago  Malvin Ring List of Supporting Members Issue No 16 - April 2005 Editorial Update The Fairley Collection John Fairley - a biographical note  Collecting dental items Glasgow Dental Hospital and School in the 1930s Reminiscences - H.D. Campbell J.G. Houston Correspondence Web news Word of Mouth List of supporting members Issue No 15 - November 2004 Editorial Update Dr Henry Noble Correspondence Among the Deep Sea Fishers Beaverbrook's toothache Word of Mouth Web news List of supporting members Issue No 14 - April 2004 Update The Edinburgh College Helen Dingwall A Platt postscript Linda Chapman The fluoride case Robert McKechnie A Victorian surgery Malvin E. Ring Web News Carol Parry Book review Word of Mouth Any questions Issue No 13 - October 2003 Update From silversmith to oral surgeon Khursheed F. Moos Jimmy Campbell David McGowan and Henry Noble Glasgow women dental students of 1922 Margaret Campbell Eating ivory A story of Irish extraction David McGowan Formation of the Royal Army Dental Corps Henry Noble A compostition on 'stents' Edna Robertson, Henry Noble and David McGowan Web news Carol Parry Word of Mouth Bill Smith List of supporting members Issue No 12 - April 2003 Update 'Sequah': Crown Prince of Charlatans Rufus M. Ross Instruments of Old Carol Parry Licensed to Practice Elma P. Douglas Web News Carol Parry Book Review Word of Mouth Letters Issue No 11 - October 2002 Update Dr J. Menzies Campbell - as I knew him Malvin E. Ring Memories of Dr Margaret Menzies Campbell John Kerr, David Mason, Robert McKechnie and Henry Noble Tooth Transplantation: a controversial story Henry W. Noble Web News Carol Parry An odontological centenary Henry W. Noble Reminiscences: Henry Ernest Gray 1908-2002 With jigger and baffy: tales of dental golf Archie R. Whitelaw Word of Mouth Robert Orchardson Letters to the Editor Issue No 10 – April 2002 Update Whithorn Investigated Alma Adler-Beck Maestro of Murray Place Linda M. Chapman Tale of the Tooth-Straighteners: a very special specialty G. Stuart Taylor Appreciation: Ronald A. Cohen Khursheed F. Moos Reminiscences: Alec Pairman, LDS, RFPDGlasg Henry W. Noble NHS Greater Glasgow Archives Alistair G. Tough Web News Carol Parry Word of Mouth - 3 Patrick Lilly Letters to the Editor Issue No 9 - October 2001 Update A Glasgow Dentist, an Edinburgh Legacy Paul Geissler Web News Carol Parry Dental Hygiene in Glasgow Eveline A. Gray Whithorn investigations    John Orr Remembered Bill Smith Dentist at the OK Corral Rufus M. Ross   George Cunningham, pioneer of preventative dentistry Shirley Zangwill Decline of Decay Henry W. Noble Word of Mouth Issue No 8 - April 2001 Update From the Minutes New Horizons Web News Robert the Bruce and Leprosy Reminiscences Word of Mouth: New Series Issue No 7 – October 2000 News Update Public Health and Dentistry: A Dog That Didn't Bite Edna Robertson Origins of Orthognathic Surgery Khursheed F. Moos Robert the Bruce Rankine Crerar Regulation of the Dental Qualification in Norway Issue No 6 – April 2000 News Update From the Minutes Glasgow Dental Hospital and School: the early days Rufus M Ross Adam Cubie's Contribution to Clinical Instruction at Glasgow Dental Hospital and School Henry W Noble Dental themes on stamps W. Neithercut The Struggle for Professionalism in Dentistry Henry W Noble Issue No 5 – October 1999 News Update ...Latest Group Activities Recollections of a Dental Student in 1899 Dr W Ferguson MacKenzie Dr Ferguson MacKenzie: A Biography Books on Dentistry in the Library of the RCPS of Glasgow James Beaton The Early History of the School Dental Service in Glasgow Archie Whitelaw The First Orthodontic Diploma Professor W John S Kerr Issue No 4 – April 1999 News Update Editor Recollections of the Norwegian Invasion W. Smith The Life and Times of a Registered Dentist Dr R.M. Ross An Account of a Dental Journey to the Western Isles John and Gilbert Cadden Random Recollections of a Dental Student in the Early 1890’s Alex MacGregor O.B.E. Issue No 3 – October 1998 News Update Editor All Our Yesterdays 17th Menzies Campbell lecture at the BDS Jubilee celebrations, 11 September 1998 Dr H.W. Noble, Dr R.M. Ross, W. Smith Reminiscences Miss Mary MacDonald William Dall – Dental Research Pioneer Dr H.W. Noble Issue No 2 – April 1998 News Update Editor Glasgow’s Dental Hospital - Development and Management R McKechnie Our Dental Library Dr H.W. Noble Dental Archives and Artefacts at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow Carol Parry Issue No 1 – October 1997 The History of Dentistry Research Group Introductory Article Professor D McGowan From Small Beginnings - Founding Members Dr. R.M. Ross (Editor) Lest We Forget W Smith Success and Failure in the Early Days Dr H.W. Noble Reminiscences T Neil Rose